Didi to Modi, Raju to Ahuja

Cross-fire of rhetoric Mai re! The rhetoric exchanged between Modi and Didi B last Wednesday!  Modi on Didi B:  “ She is a speed breaker”. He must have suffered…

Season of Mahagathbandan

Some tea–gardens are planning not to vote at all. Every hill vote is important. Do not waste it. Names of favourites unlikely-to-be-voted are also being suggested as candidate. There can be only two parties fighting it out this election–TMC and the GNLF-GJMM original. It is clear what each means for the future. There are no more choices. So use your precious votes judiciously.

Ever Enduring Nostalgia of Road Cricket in Darjeeling

Life was not as easy as these days. Cricket bat used to be a rare kit and usually only one guy in a group would have a bat, luxury items of our time. And about ball, playing with a tennis ball would be a once in a blue moon affair, that too if we were to visit somewhere else for a cricket match (bet). Else, handmade balls (kaagaz/plastic ko) would compensate to the lack of funds and ensure that we never went out of play.

Feminist Icon to Mamata’s New Found ‘Political Love’

The six leaves and the Lotus are out to chomp either out in the forthcoming general elections. Chief gardener Didi B is busy with her potting, weeding and planting. MPs being dropped, novices and women brought in. Didi B has selected a special GJMM-TMC backed hybrid she calls ‘Bhoomiputra’–Shri Amar Singh Rai to stand as TMC candidate from Darjeeling.