Bal Krishna

The Art of Having One’s Cake and Eating It Too

‘Our Party’ and Chief ‘Our Da’ are against any elections to the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA). In fact, they are in fact on the frontlines of the anti-GTA elections front. However, if they don’t contest the elections then someone else will win. This is why, keeping aside their strongest objections to the GTA elections, they have decided to contest, so that bad people don’t win.

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Mero Pani Gorkha Kai Khuun

Ma’ms gives me a hearty laugh, and says, “bhanich, timro buddhi ra hamro buddhu-jiwi haru dekhda ta Mamata le jitekai ramro jasto lagcha… kukur lai ghiu na pacheko jasto, hamro buddhu-jiwi haru lai ramro kura kahile pachdaina…”