Of Cinema, My Grandmother and Me

How do people remember Grandmothers? Most of the time, it is due to the stories that they tell. Stories enriched with mythology and folk tales. But my Grandmother (Maternal) was a bit different. I did not enjoy the good fortune of having grandparents from my father’s side. They departed this world pretty early even before my parents got married. My father was left alone brazing this world all by himself.

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The Law of the Crowd: One Must Fear

The Crowd which has no face, no recognition, they have only a voice whether it’s for something or against something, when they are on their own they seems to be undermining, and undefined. Nobody remembers a crowd from where it come or where it goes, but when they come together they can wage a war, bring about a revolution or bring down any establish rule or dynasty. Such is the power of the crowd and their might.