COVID-19, Kalimpong and The Play of Power and Politics

During this formidable COVID19 crisis, Kalimpong, a small town in the foothills of Eastern Himalaya became an unexpected hotspot. Kalimpong’s infamous and unfortunate COVID19 victim, 49 years old Sunita Devi Singh, who had travelled from Chennai, ended up passing the infection on to 15 other individuals before she herself succumbed in a hospital in Siliguri.

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“Development” Vs. “Gorkhaland” – What Are You Voting For?

“देखोस न देखोस यो वर्तमान… भावी पिडिले देख्ने छ… कसैले छद्म वेशमा, तिम्रो इतिहास लेख्दै छ… उत्सर्ग गर, उत्सर्ग गर… the present may not see…