EARTHQUAKES – Are  we prepared ????

Kalimpong sits comfortably on the Himalayan Belt, one of the most earthquake prone areas in the world. As there hasn’t been a major earthquake exceeding M8 in the last fifty years, the town has grown and expanded, seemingly oblivious to the dangers lurking underneath the surface. How many buildings have been built without proper procedures against earthquakes, how many people furnish their houses according to taste rather than safety, and how have you planned for the worst possible scenario?

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Dazzling Darjeeling

Apex Plan for Combating COVID19 in the Hills, Terai and Dooars

The COVID19 pandemic has been claiming lives and livelihood around the Globe at an alarming rate. Global & National Action Plans and initiatives to combat the pandemic have already been underway. Its success ultimately depends upon the effective and prudent actions undertaken at the Regional and Local level to implement it.

सुपरहिट कलाकार दयाहाङ राई-को कालेबुङमा एन्ट्री, राईसँग चलचित्र खेल्न चाहनेहरूलाई सुनौलो अवसर

दैनन्दिनी समाचार, कालेबुङ 18 मार्च। भारतको कालेबुङबाट निर्माण हुने ठूलो पर्दाको नेपाली चलचित्रमा काम गर्नका निम्ति दयाहाङ राईले नेपालकै एउटा चलचित्रको काम समेत त्यागेको हल्ला…