Terrorists – External and Internal

Terrorists External InternallyWAKE UP DARJEELING: Volunteers clean up, while people make a mess

Don’t know if it’s a good time to talk about this, since our whole country is in deep mourning because of the army personnel being martyred at Pulwama terrorist attack. But I had to write this, so that may be people will understand by reading the post.

Firstly, I would like to apologize to everyone for writing this, please I am not pointing out single individual but all of us, so I don’t want to hurt but bringing out the reality is needed at times.

On 14th February, most of the people where busy celebrating Valentine’s Day with their loved ones, there were a small group of people who Expressed their love to the Darjeeling and mother nature. A few volunteers from the Environmental Awareness Group came forward to clean up the main road connecting Darjeeling to Sonada.

With the number of people less than 15, they started the clean up drive from the bus stand Darjeeling. Slowly and steadily they moved forward cleaning up plastics, covers and wrappers of chocolates, chips, remnants of cigarettes, Water bottles etc. They cleaned up everything which could be done. All through the clean up drive, only a handful of people came to support the volunteers.

Only three people came forward and helped the volunteers by giving some water and one individual offered Rs 100, while the other two people gave water. Remaining people just looked at the volunteers cleaning up and went off on their own way. But the spirit of those 15 people involved in the clean-up drive was high and they didn’t give up. They continued on their own and tried cleaning up almost everything that they could. It was difficult, but they persisted and managed to collect a pick-up van full of plastics.

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Anyhow the clean up drive was the successful and the members of the of environmental awareness group were very happy.

But after a few days, that is on 17th of February, I went to Darjeeling and what I saw made me feel that our people will never understand the value of the cleanliness. Every place that was cleaned up by the Environmental Awareness Group was again turned into a mess by the locals. I don’t know whether the people are not aware of the health hazards that can be caused due to waste or pollution created by the plastic, or they are just waiting everyday for a group of volunteers to come and clean up the place.

Everyone is busy in blaming the terrorist that attacked the CRPF convoy but the actual problem we are not realising that the plastic we are using and the wrappers that we throw outside the window of the vehicles are also destroying our country internally and not only that but it is also contributing towards the destruction of mother earth.

A terrorist group was responsible for the attack done on the CRPF convoy at Pulwama district, but who will take the responsibility of making the country internally weak by making the country roads dirty and throwing plastics?

We talk about great ideas and great thoughts but until and unless we change our habits, nothing is going to prevent the world from ending, the humanity to become extinct and the Earth – our mother nature to be lifeless.

We still have time to act and save ourselves from the wrath of pollution. The least you can do is, if you cannot come forward and clean the town area on the roadside, please make sure that you don’t contribute towards the deposits of the waste.

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Please don’t make our place dirty and walk off. There are always some good people who come forward to clean up, but please if you can’t lend your hands to clean up, then please do not discourage them by making the places, which they have cleaned up, dirty.

Writes: Rajat Thakuri

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