Presenting Gorkha MasterChef Contestant Mahendra Thulung Aka Rudy

The flavours of Darjeeling ooze out in the national arena, as Sonada lad Rudy Thulung gets selected in the biggest cooking reality show in the country – The MasterChef. The 32-year-old self-made chef, who currently runs a restaurant in Chennai by the name “Dalley”, has been successful in impressing the judges in the show with his impressive skills in the kitchen.

Sonada Children’s Lives Are Being Put to Risk

The construction of the school was handed to a group of boys from the locality. These boys are affiliated to GJMM (Binay faction). Their motive is just to earn profit. The old structure was dismantled but the cemented flooring of the old building was not touched. New pillars were erected but if you dig the floor you will not find any tie bim below.

Terrorists – External and Internal

We still have time to act and save ourselves from the wrath of pollution. The least you can do is, if you cannot come forward and clean the town area on the roadside, please make sure that you don’t contribute towards the deposits of the waste.

Radio Salesian holds World Radio Day

Sonada — Radio Salesian at Salesian College Sonada celebrated 8th World Radio Day on 13 February 2019. Seven Radio Journalists and an RJ intern participated…