बिमल गुरूङको राजनैतिक अवसान

‘आज केही त हुनेवाला छ।’ रोङ्गोबाट मनोज बोगटीले बिहानै फेसबुकमा स्टाटस लेखे। स्वाभाव अनुसार हुटहुटी शुरू भइहाल्यो। दस बजेदेखि उता हुटहुटी रोकेर राख्न नसकेपछि उनलाई…

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Rape of a 6-Year-Old Leaves a Community Devastated in Rural Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the safest places for a woman in India, but people in a rural village here are devastated today after news about rape of a 6-year-old baby girl came to fore. What is most heinous about this crime is the fact that the perpetrator who confessed to his crime is a 51-year-old teacher.