GUDDI – Reminiscing Those Days

The Darjeeling sky used to be once filled with multicolored guddi(kites) during this time of the year. Right after schools ended for winter vacation, flocks…

Agam Singh Giri – कविवर अगमसिंह गिरी एवं उनको आत्मा व्यथा

On his birthday, we humbly remember poet Agam Singh Giri. भाषा, साहित्यको उत्तरोत्तर उत्थान गर्न निमितार्य अथवा नवीन युगको निर्माणार्थ शन-प्रदीम्न विशेष व्यक्तित्वको प्रयोजन पर्छ।…

Art Workshop in Darjeeling: A Report

Mr. Bobby Blown Wylde from the famous London’s Slade School of Fine Arts conducts a three-days art workshop at Hayden Hall, Darjeeling from December 04-06, 2020.

Gorkhaland – The Leaders and the People

Today, the idea of Gorkhaland is at the crossroads. The state assembly elections are round the corner and some people feel the idea has been compromised after the ‘old guards’ made a deal with the state government for their return.

The state which had hounded them with multiple legal cases, has now decide to forgive them and assured their safe return. The state against which the movement was launched, has today become the protector of the rebels. The same state which took away even the voting rights of the ‘old brigade’ leaders is now guaranteeing their freedom to participate in the upcoming elections.

On International Day of the Girl Child – “छोरी”

हो अवश्यै जान्छिन , जानू पनि त पर्छ , त्यो त प्रत्येक छोरीको नियति हो , तर नजीक-टाढा, जहाँ नै गएता पनि उ हामीसित , हामी उसँगै हुनेछौ । उसको हृदयमा सदाका लागि रहनेछौं , शायद मरेर गएपनि। छोराले बुहारी ल्याउछ भन्छ्यौ , ठीकै हो , तर के थाहा बुहारीले पो छोरालाई लगेर जाने हो ?! तर छोरी कहाँ जान्छे त्यसले हामीलाई खासै फरक पार्दैन , टाढा-नजीक ,जे जस्तो , जहाँ गए पनि उ हामीसितै हुन्छे। त्यसैले त भन्छ नि “A Son is a son till he gets him a wife, but a Daughter is a daughter all days of her life.” इ ! आफैलाई हेर न , दिनमा कति चोटि घरमा फोन गर्छ्यौ , व्हाट्सेप र फेसबुकमा बिजी हुन्छ्यौ , आमा-बाबाको लागि सुर्त्याउछौ , घरी घरी भाइ बुहारीलाई कस्तो हकार्दै गरेकी हुन्छ्यौ अन्त , कि कसो ?


Only a being can belong. Where is your being? You talk about Right, Left and Centre? You are a photocopy of a photocopy. Can’t you see, there is no You, there is no Home, there is no Us? Outfoxed, outmaneuvered, overpowered, outplayed, don’t you realize that you have been reduced to a speck of dust? The Right has no use for specks of dust and neither does the Left.