Atharva Singh adds New Bird species to the bird list of India

TheDC team send a warm “Shout Out” to Atharva Singh, a proud son of Darjeeling for etching his name in the annals of Birding in India and also for keeping the Darjeeling flag flying high. Atharva is part of a team of scientists from Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), Mumbai, who while exploring the high-altitude coniferous forests of Arunachal Pradesh, has recorded a rare species of bird which has been identified as the Three-banded Rosefinch after detailed observations.

Children and Youths – This election,no one is talking about them

There is an election atmosphere all over the state now and preparations are in full swing in our constituency as well. All the political parties are trying to attract people in their own way. This time, as usual, some issues were left out – either no one discussed them and no one even included them in the manifesto. They concern the matter of “child protection against abuse ” and welfare of Youths has not found mention in the political discourse.

Election Talks – साँईलाको सीधी बात नो बकवास

हो साँच्चै हाम्रो जातिलाई, हाम्रो समाजलाई पनि परिवर्तनको नितान्त खाँचो छ। एउटा नयाँ परिवर्तन जसले हाम्रो आकांक्षा बोकेर ल्याएर दिएको होस्। जसले गरीब दुखी चिया बगान श्रमिकहरूको रगत पसिनाको हक र अधिकार -न्यूनतम ज्याला प्रदान गरेको होस्। पिता पुर्खादेखि बस्दै आएको घर जमिनमा मालिकाना हक र अधिकार- पर्जा पट्टा दिलाएको होस्। त्यो परिवर्तन जसले गोर्खाहरूको शताब्दी पुरानो मांग अनि आकांक्षा ” स्थायी राजनीतिक समाधान” ल्याएको होस्। कल कारखाना , संरचना, रोजगार ,शिक्षा आदि कुराहरूले बिकासको नयाँ आयाम तयार पारेको होस्। त्यो नयाँ परिवर्तन जसले गोर्खा जातिलाई पनि राष्ट्रको हरेक छेत्रमा अनि स्तरमा प्रतिनिधित्व र प्रतिस्पर्धा गर्ने मौका दिएको होस्। त्यो परिवर्तन जसले गोर्खाहरूको दूर्भाग्य र द्वेष मेटाई दिएको होस्। त्यो परिवर्तन जसले हामी गर्वसित भन्न सकौं कि हामी आप्रवासी होइनौं- हामी भारतीय हौं। त्यो परिवर्तन जसले हाम्रो शिर खडा गरीदिएको होस्। त्यो नयाँ परिवर्तनको नयाँ बिहानीको न्यानो घाम गोर्खा जगतमा उदाएको होस्

Darjeeling Municipality Supplying This Filthy Water

No one knows the value of water like the people of Darjeeling. We sometimes wished we had guests, bring water for us rather than sweets. The value of a bucket of water, like every citizen of Darjeeling, I too struggled a lot after returning from Bangalore to get water our daily need. We depended on tankers and rain like everyone in Darjeeling.

The True Colours of GNLF – We Cannot Forget

The history of Darjeeling and Kalimpong hills is just not about the toy train, timber, and tea but it is also about its dark tryst with cold-blooded murders, unsolved and unresolved till date, swept under the carpet by those who did it and those who supported it.

Bimal’s Bengal Bet – Brave or Buffoonery?

For all his flaws, Bimal Gurung is still liked by a large section of the people from North Bengal. Especially in remote rural regions where politicians rarely venture, Bimal Gurung is seen as someone who has cared for the people. But will this sentiment prevail across the region? It’s difficult to say. But in tying his fate to TMC and also himself, Bimal has made a bold move, will it help him bounce back or will it backfire?

DARJEELING’S OWN: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Darjeeling is blessed with women of extraordinary strength, resourcefulness, vision and perseverance, and today we celebrate our women, all of whom have stood tall against all odds and triumphed. Sadly we cannot profile everyone, so here are seven lesser-known women from Darjeeling, who lead from the front during COVID Pandemic.

Dream of Gorkhaland – Through a Standpoint of Major Hill Resources

It is very embarrassing and heart wrenching for me to get sarcastic remarks being an Indian Nepali or Gorkha in the rest part of Indian soul. Living away from the cold mountain air and friendly own community of the hill for Postgraduate and M.Phil. Studies did come across many times with such sarcastic remarks as Chinese because of having ‘Chimso’ eyes and “How Nepali language while living in Bengal!” considered as some bitter remarks are the inner pains of the Indian Gorkha who resides plains or rest part of Indian soil.