NRC Issue: The Indian Gorkha Perspective

As the push for a nation-wide National Register of Citizens (NRC) exercise gets stronger, there are growing concerns among the Indian Gorkha community settled in various pockets across the country. The discussions are gaining more ground after Assam published its final NRC list on August 31, 2019, the process which was monitored by the Supreme Court of India. As reported by different media organisations, of the estimated 25 lakh Gorkhas living in Assam, about 1 lakh were excluded from the final list.

DISCRIMINATION: Nepali Language Still Not Included as an Optional Paper in WBCS Mains

This shows absolute lack of empathy by TMC Govt towards over 25 Lakh Gorkhas who live in West Bengal and whose lingua franca is Nepali. The discrimination against Gorkhas is apparent for everyone to see. This absolute indifference on the part of West Bengal government exposes their intent and discriminatory policy towards the Gorkhas, and thus justifies the demand for a separate state of Gorkhaland.

TheDC Story Series – “हाम्रा कथाहरु” Episode 10: पश्चाताप

TheDC Story Series “हाम्रा कथाहरु” Episode 10 – As we had informed earlier, we have tied up with RJ Samir – Samir Gideon Ghimire, to bring to you 12 Nepali stories – 1 story a month, in the audio-pictorial format under our series हाम्रा कथाहरु. We are doing this to make our Nepali literature more popular among younger generations, and also among those who may never have read a Nepali story before.

Questioning Darjeeling’s choice of MP – Mamata Reveals her Wounds

Some hurts are so deep, it gets radiated. You don’t have to spell it out; it’s there for everyone else to see. On the 23rd of October, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s hurt in losing Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat was for everyone to see. She had come to Kurseong for an administrative review meeting, but she couldn’t keep a lid on her politics and that betrayed her feelings.

Oh Darjeeling! Where have all the Wildflowers Gone, Where are You?

Two decades, not a very long time passing, I walked away from the hills leaving behind the perfect chill hanging in the air, the muscatel cuppa tea amid those mountains, life then was always beautiful with the lovely smell of the pines and the burning dry leaves. The mist and the medley of the sun rays passing through the burnt orange leaves of the solitary maple across the famous patisserie “Glenarys” still resonate in my mind as I keep walking my imaginary walk through the mist towards the tempered sunlight of yore….


The Rock & Roll and Hard Rock scene set by amazing bands such as The Hillians, Extreme Moderation, Turquoise and Jade, The Diamonds, Prism, Forbidden Fruit, Magnum Opus, Pralay was later followed by bands like Rusty Nails, the US Band (where US is short for Unity of Souls) among others, makes Darjeeling the leading light of Rock music in India. Following on the footsteps of these greats, is an up and coming band from our hills “The Invasion”.

SHOCKING – Hotel Ramada Management Accused of Sexual Assault

In a very alarming case, a sexual assault attempt was allegedly made against a lady staff of Ramada Hotel, Darjeeling by senior staff of the same hotel on the 14th of October. The girl, who is around 23-years-old, and a resident of Darjeeling had been associated with the hotel for the last one-and-a-half-years as housekeeping staff.

JUST IN: Attack on Darjeeling MP Raju Bista Near Kalimpong

He added, “Initially they were shouting slogans, which quickly turned into a physical attack accompanied by Khukuri, knife, other sharp weapons and heavy stone pelting on our supporters and myself. Many of our BJP party workers and our alliance partner GJM party workers have been injured in the attack, who were sitting duck against a well-organized ambush. My private security officer was stuck on chest and upper body following his attempt to cover me from the oncoming barrage of blows and stones thrown at me. My Personal Security Officer was also injured when stones pelted on us hit his legs.”