BABA – by Dipankar Singh Mukhia

Baba - the original composition by Dipankar Singh Mukhia

BABA is a rare ode to a father from his son. the lyrics and the video, compel us to ponder over why a father’s emotions often go unnoticed. It makes us realise that we might have failed to recognise a father’s love behind the immeasurable sacrifices he makes towards his family, and brings to fore that rare moment when a father is celebrated for being himself.

This lyrical video is yet another beautiful composition brought forward by our very own Dipankar Singh Mukhia, a musical bug from Darjeeling town, now residing in Gangtok.

These feelings were penned down by Dipankar as a birthday gift to his father Shri. Karma Singh Mukhia on April 12, 2017 when he first posted it in his facebook page.

Dipankar’s voice over his own composition, the fine tuning by Lobsang and Video editing by Rats Aman has made this lyrical video a soulful treat to its audience.

Lyrics: Dipankar Singh Mukhia
Guitar: Lobsang
Video: Rats Aman

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Writes: Kranti Dewan


TheDC team wishes a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Dipankar Singh Mukhia whose birthday it was on the 6th of Dec.

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