“Educators” – Portrait of a Band

Darjeeling is a land blessed with music, “Educators” continue with the glorious musical traditions of our land. Different from the recent deluge of “Folk-Pop” that has dominated the Nepal music scenario, we are happy to introduce the “Educators”, a band that is rooted in rock. “Educators” are a Nepali rock band formed in 2018. All the band members are teachers at Turnbull Higher Secondary School, Darjeeling. The band is influenced by rock and the new wave of Nepali heavy metal and soft rock music. They like to experiment with music by blending mainstream traditional concepts with rock/soft rock genres.

गोर्खाल्याण्ड: पहाडे नेताहरू अनि गाई चोरको कथा

एकदिन दुईजना गाईचोर एउटा ग्वाला को घर गाई चोर्न गएछ। एउटा चोरले गाईको घिच्रोमा बाँधेको घण्टी खोलेर त्यसलाई बजाउँदै पूर्वतिर लागेछ। अर्को चोर गाई लिएर पश्चिमतिर लागेछ। ग्वाला भने अत्तालिएर घण्टी बोक्ने चोर भएतिर दौरेछ। ग्वाला को गाई तो चोरे चोरे, तर त्यसलाई मूर्ख पनि बनाई राखेछ, चोरले।

Tado ko deuta bhanda…

Unable to understand his flow of thought, I ask him to explain and he goes, “Haina… think about it… there are many wives who get beaten up black and blue by their husbands on an almost daily basis… the whole village advises the wife to dump that piece of shit, yet they don’t leave their husbands and walk out… every once in a while when the abuse is extreme, the wife determines to leave… but finally stays back… she has her logic, she thinks of her children if they have one, she thinks of the little sense of security she gets in the familiar surroundings and hopes in the hearts of her heart that her abusive husband will change for the better… after extreme violence the husband too calms down for a few days, and tries to appease the wife with a few goodies and some words of love… but, eventually the man turns abusive again and the cycle continues…”

Children and Youths – This election,no one is talking about them

There is an election atmosphere all over the state now and preparations are in full swing in our constituency as well. All the political parties are trying to attract people in their own way. This time, as usual, some issues were left out – either no one discussed them and no one even included them in the manifesto. They concern the matter of “child protection against abuse ” and welfare of Youths has not found mention in the political discourse.

आगामी बंगाल बिधान सभा चुनाव – गोर्खाहरूको राजनैतिक समस्या समाधानको पहलतर्फ एउटा माइलखुट्टी सिद्ध हुन सक्छ

राजनीतिमा कुनै स्थायी शत्रु पनि हुँदैनन अनि स्थायी मित्र पनि रहँदैनन। भारतीय राजनीतिमा यस्ता अनेकौं घटनाक्रमहरू दिनोंदिन हावी बन्दै जॉदैछ। एक समय आफनो घोर बिरोधीको…

An Election without Passion

This 2021 Assembly elections in West Bengal, specially in the hill areas will be an uneventful , issueless and uncharacteristic election, full of rhetoric, devoid of societal passion, but replete with usual zeal and brinkmanship that only ubiquitous money power can trigger.

Election Talks – साँईलाको सीधी बात नो बकवास

हो साँच्चै हाम्रो जातिलाई, हाम्रो समाजलाई पनि परिवर्तनको नितान्त खाँचो छ। एउटा नयाँ परिवर्तन जसले हाम्रो आकांक्षा बोकेर ल्याएर दिएको होस्। जसले गरीब दुखी चिया बगान श्रमिकहरूको रगत पसिनाको हक र अधिकार -न्यूनतम ज्याला प्रदान गरेको होस्। पिता पुर्खादेखि बस्दै आएको घर जमिनमा मालिकाना हक र अधिकार- पर्जा पट्टा दिलाएको होस्। त्यो परिवर्तन जसले गोर्खाहरूको शताब्दी पुरानो मांग अनि आकांक्षा ” स्थायी राजनीतिक समाधान” ल्याएको होस्। कल कारखाना , संरचना, रोजगार ,शिक्षा आदि कुराहरूले बिकासको नयाँ आयाम तयार पारेको होस्। त्यो नयाँ परिवर्तन जसले गोर्खा जातिलाई पनि राष्ट्रको हरेक छेत्रमा अनि स्तरमा प्रतिनिधित्व र प्रतिस्पर्धा गर्ने मौका दिएको होस्। त्यो परिवर्तन जसले गोर्खाहरूको दूर्भाग्य र द्वेष मेटाई दिएको होस्। त्यो परिवर्तन जसले हामी गर्वसित भन्न सकौं कि हामी आप्रवासी होइनौं- हामी भारतीय हौं। त्यो परिवर्तन जसले हाम्रो शिर खडा गरीदिएको होस्। त्यो नयाँ परिवर्तनको नयाँ बिहानीको न्यानो घाम गोर्खा जगतमा उदाएको होस्

The True Colours of GNLF – We Cannot Forget

The history of Darjeeling and Kalimpong hills is just not about the toy train, timber, and tea but it is also about its dark tryst with cold-blooded murders, unsolved and unresolved till date, swept under the carpet by those who did it and those who supported it.

Bimal’s Bengal Bet – Brave or Buffoonery?

For all his flaws, Bimal Gurung is still liked by a large section of the people from North Bengal. Especially in remote rural regions where politicians rarely venture, Bimal Gurung is seen as someone who has cared for the people. But will this sentiment prevail across the region? It’s difficult to say. But in tying his fate to TMC and also himself, Bimal has made a bold move, will it help him bounce back or will it backfire?