Dazzling Darjeeling – Your Take

"Clock stands still, when you are in Darjeeling" by @the_himalayan_diaries

Hello folks, as an attempt to bring to our readers some breathtaking and amazing pictures of our beloved Dazzling Darjeeling, we have been featuring one pic everyday on our Instgram handle and on Twitter as contributed by you all – our dear readers.

Looking at how gorgeous and marvellous the pictures are, we thought that they deserved to be viewed by a larger audience. Thus, we will be compiling the featured pics over the week and posting them every Sunday on our website and Facebook page.

We hope you enjoy these pics and keep supporting us with ever beautiful inputs over Instagram, by tagging us in your pics that are of or related to us, our place and our people.

You can tag us @thedarjchron on instagram, DM us your pic and use #thedarjchron #thedarjeelingchronicle with your uploads.

Here are our featured pics for this past week

Featured Pic no 1: Darjeeling Hills on a sunny daywide and majestic view of the hills and the mighty Kanchenjunga” by @subham_basu

Featured Pic no 2: Sea of Clouds and the sunsetA rare treat of mellowly clouds floating under your feet at Singalila , with a horizon painted with the sunset; the sun just refusing to go down” by @debasish_32

Featured pic no 3: The iconic Capital Hall clock towerLandmark of Darjeeling – the Clock Tower” By @the_himalayan_diaries_

Featured pic no 4: Toy train and the snowy roadHere’s our own little majestic toy train, going down amidst the snow… The ship cruises on the sea of ice” by @arkajit_paul

Featured pic no 5: Sketch of the Capital TowerA meticulous sketch representation of the Capital Clock tower where the heart of Darjeeling lies” by @la_ayush

Featured pic no 6: Toy train and the SnowfallA magnificent view of the toy train at Ghoom Railway Station, on the night of the snowfall” – by Wangdi

Featured pic no 7: Coffee at Glenary’sHow would you like your coffee? Regular or mountain?” – by @theorangeepistles

Featured pic no 8: Kurseong TowerThere are more beautiful ways to play hide and seek…
This tall guy is unable to hide himself though” – By @perfectly_mr_imperfect

Featured pic no 9: A morning in the hills “Perks of being a morning person. Beautiful golden rays of early morning sun. Wouldn’t you rather wake up to this morning glow instead of the incessantly screaming alarm clock?” – by @hiimanshu.d

Featured pic no 10: Autumn FlowersA subtle blend of winter and spring. Somewhere in Darjeeling” – by @indian_diary

Featured pic no 11: Sketch of a Gorkha WomanAn out of the world sketch representation of a Gorkha woman in traditional attire” – by @zigme_dorjay_tamang

Please do let us know, which one among these are your favourite. We look forward to your comments, and your amazing pics.  

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