Tiger Hill and the Dazzling Darjeeling town

In the heart of Sinchel Wildlife Sanctuary, Darjeeling lies Tiger Hill. It is one of the very few places on earth, where tourists and locals alike throng to view the sun raise. While many may have a memory of waking up early in the morning, in biting cold and rushing to see this gorgeous view, a handful among those can claim to have walked all night, camped at the top and woken up to see this gorgeous sight.

Not many are as lucky though, for more often than not, the sights are lost to fog and clouds. We the locals believe, the Mountains decide to show themselves to only those who are truly deserving.

Here’s Rajat Thakuri sharing his happiness with all of you.

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Tiger Hill: Where the sun chooses to rise

Tiger Hill – The peace here is of another kind

Tiger Hill: The most beautiful face of Kanchenjunga is seen from here

Tiger Hill: When even clouds need to rest, they come here

Tiger Hill – The peace here is of another kind

Tiger Hill – God’s Abode

Tiger Hill Darjeeling – Gorgeously glamorous

Tiger Hill : Defines our beloved hills

Tiger Hill: Where the peaks are golden

Tiger Hill and the Dazzling Darjeeling town

Tiger Hill : Mountains, mean heaven here

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