Decoding The GJMM-GNLF Alliance

When we vote, we will be voting to win back our agency, our rights as citizens of India, our right to political dissent, our right to make constitutional demands, our right to fair trail, our right to the internet, our right over our natural resources, our right to hold protest marches, right to assemble, and our right to determine our own fate under the Indian Constitution.

पहाड़मा नागरिक समाज किन निम्छौरो?

नागरिक समाज (सिभिल सोसाइटी) का वलिष्ट र गरिष्ठ सामाजिक चहलपहल र गतिविधिहरू लोसेत्रिएर शून्यमा झरेकैले गर्दा चारतिरबाट चोर दुलैदुलो परेको हो त? आवश्यकता र आधार…

Mirik a Tale of Deprivation

The sad thing that has happened to Mirik is, people here are going sentimental, and why wouldn’t they? My senior one, who is at the…

That Gorkhali Weirdness – अनौठो जाति गोर्खाली

That Gorkhali Weirdness – अनौठो जाति गोर्खाली आफ्नो आमा सरह भूमि बेची खानेहरु आज भूमिपुत्र-भूमिपुत्र भनी चिच्चाई रहेछन्बङ्गालको दासत्व स्वीकार्नेहरुले आज सबलाई भुमिको याद दिलाई…

Special Article: International Women’s Day

Women being the most important cog in the wheel of life need to be given their share of opportunities and the freedom to define their own life. They have no doubt come a long way but much more needs to be done to lessen the gap between genders.