The Board Results – Embarking on a Journey

A week back, the results of different board exams (both 10th and 12th) were out, and many students have panned out with flying colours. I express my joy in your success and doff my hat with respect for the effort invested in the studies. The limelight that you have drawn as an outcome of your hard work is worth the endeavour. The result might have come as a relief, amidst the anxiety that looms large, and the hard times caused by COVID19.

EXAMS – At the end of it all, you remain who you are

Life is about celebrating small moments. A small token of appreciation is due to anyone who puts dedication and effort towards a goal and achieving it. Whether its a school topper or even a person picks up a can from the road and puts it into a dust been to keep his town clean. Appreciating few doesn’t mean demotivating others. Only morons would think that way.