Kanchendzonga is like a Battle Gear and Armour for Sikkim

I am a mountain girl. Unapologetically so. I need to see my mountains to feel alive and to be alive. Which is why I could never work or grow roots in any place elsewhere. I need to wake up to the sight of the Kanchendzonga massif every day; on the days the skies veil her over, I know she is just there.

DARJEELING – Fragrances of the Town

Home is where your heart is, and my heart is in Darjeeling. Though I am from Kalimpong, but every time when I visit Darjeeling, I feel like not returning back. I like the smell of Dareeling, the dry cold Kanchenjunga winds that swirls around and makes the flags to flutter, begins its day by picking up the aroma of tea bushes. The freezing cold air as one sniffs in, chills the nostrils, leaving vapours of hot breathe while patting and mounting the steep uphill, this is what home smells like. It’s so cozy there I never understood why I am so infatuated with Darjeeling until I fell into love with the mesmerising scenic beauty of the land.