Basics To Digital Marketing


The simple part of Digital marketing we know is that Digital Marketing is a part of Marketing itself.

We all know Digital Marketing is basically divided into two parts:

  • Offline / Traditional Marketing
  • Online / Digital Marketing

Offline usually refers to the traditional methods of spreading awareness of your products or services through Hoardings, Banners Ads, Newspapers, TV Ads or Pamphlets.

But in the case of Online Marketing or Digital marketing, it has itself redefined marketing strategies through the advent and involvement of technological tools and online media.

Tools like Email marketing, Social media marketing, blogging and much more.

It is quite easy to list down the advantages of Digital over Traditional and why the world is moving towards a Digital media for all businesses or operations.

Traditional marketing has a slow rate of conversion of business into revenues and earnings whereas Digital has a faster approach to that.

In Offline Marketing we do not have instant feedbacks compared to that of Digital marketing that gives us a quick and structured response from customers and audiences.

Return on investments is hard and messy to be calculated in terms of Offline Bussiness but on the other side ROI are easily calculated and future plans, changes, and decisions can easily be made in growing of your businesses.

You simply cannot target particular specific audiences in the case of Offline marketing but Digital marketing we can target any specific audiences on geographic, demographic preferences.

Traditional is simply way more expensive than Digital, which is also more effective and efficient.

Take an example that you are Setting a newspaper ad of Baby Products in Kolkata.


You are planned to specifically target the audience of South Kolkata only. Here is the limitation in case of a newspaper ad. You just cannot particularly set the targeted audiences and the ad will be showcased over all of Kolkata or more, according to the audiences of the newspaper. But if you are to chose digital over traditional marketing you can easily target the particular geographic location, in this case, the South of Kolkata or anywhere you desire. This is one singular example of the advantages of digital marketing in this present world.

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Fact is 90 % of the top CEOs these days understand and recognize the benefits of digital marketing for their business development. But only 15 % have really implemented this tool in their businesses. There lies a whole future and era of all business powered by digital media. But till today we lack Human power, Knowledge and skills… Get ready for the new digital world and empower yourself to contribute to this Digital Revolution. Cause, Fun fact, There are Over Lakhs vacant Job in India today On digital marketing platform, still unfulfilled due to a clear lack of Knowledge and manpower.

Earlier Digital marketing was quite easy using popular keywords but these days you can’t entirely rely on that. There are various techniques that have come up. Giving a brief of 5 such techniques:

  • Email marketing
  • Paid Advertisements
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content marketing, and
  • Blog posts.

There is a hoax that Emails are Dead these days but that is not quite the case. Companies and Customers still use Emails as the ultimate official way of communications. Thus having your ADs or banners in an Email can easily target the real-time business organizations and customers.
Paid Ads is another must and powerful tool used in Digital marketing plus the good thing it does not costs much. Spend a little money and you can have mass audiences in on go. Using Google Ad words or Bing Ads is one form of Advertising. Using popular keywords to attract more traffic is the main goal, thus a lot of big companies and players in the markets have already bought up such popular keywords. Using Google Analytics gives us a detailed insight into keywords most popularly used by the audiences and such words being used in you Ads, contents or Blogs brings in more audiences and views. Such other tools are Facebook Ads and the plus point about it is you can be super specific about the audience you want to target based on your preferences and you can make the most of your advertising spent.

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Talking about social media, your social media profiles are a powerful tool for Digital Marketing. Using less and specified number of a social platform with attractive contents gains the attention of a mass number of people which you can divert it to your gain in business and its growth. Not forgetting about Video content whether it is your own or a curated video of other people and having those links on your social platform really elevates your audience.

Another form of Digital marketing favorable to small business and entrepreneurs is Content marketing. It is basically using your original content or curated content to draw audiences to your website. It is actually giving something of their value to come to your website and maybe let them give in their email addresses or other information and thus you gain audiences through content marketing. You also use curated content, blogs of other people to attract the audience but make sure to have a tribute to the original creators and the permission to post their content.

Blogging is really another important form of Digital Marketing specifically for entrepreneurs and creative professionals. It is one tool that really helps you and your work go up on Digital platforms. How? Whether it be blogging on a blogging platform or on your own website, the real fact is people don’t read long contents these days (like mine) and with the entry of mobile devices, long contents are just so boring. Thus having a blog section or a blogging platform is beneficial because makes your homepage clean and specific. Thus you can attract people who are into reading to your blog section and you can enrich the section using keywords, contents, and links. Thus getting audience who are really into content reading or writing.

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Covering up some small basic and simple headlines of Digital Marketing here. Just enrich and adapt yourself to this upcoming Digital transformation for a better future.

Writes: Nishant Thapa – Click here for original article.

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