School Life

My Students, My Teachers, My School

Just got done with another round of online training under the “School Innovation Ambassador Training Program.’

Completely exhausted today, since my mischievous niece managed to get a silver ring, stuck on her little finger, had to rush her to the hospital where she is advised to use calamine solution, but the ring remains on her swollen, bluish finger so we headed to the goldsmith where her agony finally comes to a dramatic end. I breathe calmly again and thank the three-eyed divine whose name I chanted continuously.

To Those Green Chairs of St Philomena’s Hostel, Kalimpong.

You were my very first friend in the hostel, when I was all new and had no one by my side. It was you who’d always given me company. After the tea break, when my frock’s pocket would be full of sweets but my eyes fixed to the gate, with the hope that someone would come and take me back home.You’ve seen me crying, laughing and running like a lunatic in the lawn.