My Students, My Teachers, My School

School Online ClassFifth grade teacher April Whipp welcomes back her students virtually in August during the first day of school at Moss-Nuckols Elementary School in Louisa County - Erin Edgerton/The Daily Progress via AP

Just got done with another round of online training under the “School Innovation Ambassador Training Program.’

Completely exhausted today, since my mischievous niece managed to get a silver ring, stuck on her little finger, had to rush her to the hospital where she is advised to use calamine solution, but the ring remains on her swollen, bluish finger so we headed to the goldsmith where her agony finally comes to a dramatic end. I breathe calmly again and thank the three-eyed divine whose name I chanted continuously.

This pandemic has brought drastic changes in all spheres of life, on the other hand, have really been fortunate to still have a job, and till date, I haven’t had faced any pay cuts, yet am human and we are bound to crib.

I consider myself to be a very friendly person but sharing my number with strangers is something that I used to shy away from, now with the onset of online classes since last year, guess I have become fearless.

Occasionally I get crank calls and the scariest one was when I got a call at midnight and heard a husky, heavy male voice sighing into my ears, that was really scary.

Our personal space is no longer ours, we are accountable to our students, their queries at any given time. In fact, even on a holiday with my friend I was busy attending online meetings.

However, thinking on the bright side, humans have always persevered for we know how to tackle problems, we have been built that way maybe that’s why we function better when we are stressed out. Problem-solving skills come down to us only when we face problems in the first place.

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So much for adult problems, let us not forget our children, our students, the reason I am earning a name and respect in society, let me talk about them.

So the pandemic has holed our kids in deep burrows but, I just read that Zydus Cadila’s 3 doses have been approved for children of 12 years and above.

That’s welcome news, maybe our kids will now get a chance to return back to normality, though kids below 12 may have to wait longer, but guess the hope is what makes humanity move ahead so progress may take time yet we are moving on.

This pandemic got me thinking a lot as I had plenty of time to do that, for my mind is like a monkey it does rush from branch to branch and spins a web-like stream of consciousness novel.

School Teachers Day

Thinking about my students, how they must have been coping with their anxieties, their frustrations especially the adolescents.

Now it’s been more than a year and counting since they have been forced to be in the confinement of their homes. At a time when they need to be outside playing, meeting their friends, and learning about each other, we have kept them home.

I know it’s for their own safety but are we catering to their needs. I haven’t met them since the lockdown was announced this year.

But I see them growing up, many look obese. Some I heard are busy making memes on us teachers and some students.

My heart really goes to the students who are being targeted, I have heard from a friend that her daughter wants to change school, that was saddening, but I couldn’t explain to her that wherever she may go she will be bullied for running away from problems isn’t a solution.

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We, teachers, are also facing some problems because this pandemic has forced us to come out of our comfort zone, we now take live classes, where we are judged by many.

What we wear, how we teach, what mistakes we may make are all visible. But, the advantage is that we are now better prepared than ever, for we don’t want to be put in a tight situation for everyone to ridicule.

Teachers are being trained online and personally speaking some sessions are so boring that I dozed off and that got me thinking again about my students, from nine to two they have to take online classes, maybe they might be dozing off too.

No matter how prepared the teacher has come to take the online class, but does it guarantee that their students will learn in rapt attention, we are losing out on the emotional bonding that we used to have with these kids.

They are left with a smartphone with internet facilities and I don’t think they will use it only for educational purposes.

Thus, in the cosmos of my mind, I concluded that children have been the worst hit by this pandemic.

However, bringing a positive note to my observance I believe that the real heroes and heroines of this pandemic also happens to be our students.

It’s been more than a year that these bundles of raw energy are being forced to stay hidden, cloistered and it’s so unnatural.

Me being a teacher, 5th September holds a special place in my heart. It’s that time when I and my female colleagues all gather together, plan what to wear and though silly it may sound, we all feel so special on this day.

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This year I feel I learned a lot from my students. Their resilience, their hidden talents that I get to see when they send me their art form or songs video clips on WhatsApp.

I always try to motivate them by writing a positive thought every day but to tell you all the truth, the real positivity comes from them, our students.

To know what a smothering environment they are living in and in their coping up with the present situation makes me inspired to move on in life in faith.

This teacher’s day I bow down to each one of my students, they are my real gurus, my idols, and my hope in the belief that light shines the brightest where it is the darkest.

Writes: Trilochana Rai. She can be reached at

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