To Those Green Chairs of St Philomena’s Hostel, Kalimpong.

St Philomena's Kalimpong

Dear Green Chairs of My Hostel at St Philomena’s Kalimpong,

A cemented green chair, that’s what other people would see you as. But, for me you are an emotion.

You were my very first friend in the hostel, when I was all new and had no one by my side. It was you who’d always given me company. After the tea break, when my frock’s pocket would be full of sweets but my eyes fixed to the gate, with the hope that someone would come and take me back home.You’ve seen me crying, laughing and running like a lunatic in the lawn. How every Saturday afternoon I would wait with you, for my parents to visit me. And whenever they did, you witnessed me running as fast as a Cheetah towards them.

You waved us goodbye whenever we went home for our vacation and welcomed us with open arms after it got over. Even after I got other friends, you were still there waiting. The huge walnut tree above you, shaded leaves once a year and whenever it would sprout tender leaves, it was our time to go home for winter vacation. You were our resting spot after everything, whether it be study overdose, tiring games practice and other things big and small.

Whether it be the hot summers or the chills of the winter, you were always filled with children all around. During those winter nights, when I couldn’t sleep due to study pressure, a peep look outside the window and you’d still be awake with me.

You first saw me crying as a ten year kid when my parents left me there. Even after years we parted ways, crying. You were my constant, through eight years of journey there, and I know even after all these years, I can still count on you.

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Though the latter has been chopped. But, after all this time, whenever I would visit you, I’ll reminisce all those happy days.

Looking forward to see you Dear Green Chairs at St Philomena’s Kalimpong

With love,
A teenager who used to be a ten year kid once.

Writes: Richa Limbu

St Philomena Kalimpong
At. Anne’s Hostel at St Philomena’s School in Kalimpong

5 Comments on "To Those Green Chairs of St Philomena’s Hostel, Kalimpong."

  1. Penned doen very beautifully dear..We Azzurians have so much of memories and emotions attached with our School..our Alma Mater

  2. Penned down very beautifully dear..We Azzurians have so much of memories and emotions attached with our School..our Alma Mater

  3. Roseline lepcha | June 23, 2020 at 7:36 PM | Reply

    Very beautifully written n very true ❤felt nostalgic…with lots of memories now feel it was really a golden life

  4. Josephine Lepcha | June 25, 2020 at 8:50 AM | Reply

    Very beautifully expressed and written. Yes we do have very fond memories of our stay in our At. Anne’s Hostel.

  5. Nawikrita T. Rai | June 26, 2020 at 10:55 PM | Reply

    Beautifully written baini, keep writing.

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