Conversations on International Mountain Day to be Held at St. Joseph’s College

11th December is International Mountain Day as declared by United Nations and FAO. This year the theme being Mountains under Pressure: Climate Hunger and Migration. DHI with St. Joseph College is organising Conversations on International Mountain Day. Please Join them and voice your opinions regarding this all-important issue. To know more about IMI please visit.

The Integrated Mountain Initiative (IMI) is a coalition of individuals and institutions formed in 2011 to redefine the architecture of sustainable development across the 12 mountain states in the Indian Himalayas and Northeast India in which it operates. It is the only organisation of its kind in India which serves as platform form Policymakers, Legislators, bureaucrats, academicians, NGO’s, practitioners, Himalayan entrepreneurs and the grassroots organisations. The Darjeeling Himalayan Initiative (DHI) is an umbrella body and a coalition of organisations which represents Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Mirik.

All of you are invited to join the conversations.

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