What Has Demonetization Given Us?

First, Common people do not eat GDP, they need basic things to survive. If these fundamental things get off from our hand, what is the use of reforms? I do not see any billionaire nor do I see any political leader in an ATM queue, I haven’t yet witnessed any of them even slightly touched by the chaos prevalent in the entire nation. It is only common folks who have to suffer to withdraw our own money, leaving a days work and wasting energy and resources.

The idea of his was an intellectual one, but we all can now see how properly it has been executed.

The misery of ours has never tended to take a pause. The nation is losing the patience and there have been numerous cases of violence in different parts as well. “Is this the Acche Din we were waiting for?”

What if anyone gets really sick? Won’t you people give the resources that are totally ours, the result of hard work? Did we deposit our share paying taxes to stand in a queue and again withdraw it, paying bank’s share and getting harassed equally?

We do not understand huge economic terms, We don’t even know how far India has taken steps in International platforms, WHAT we need is our safeguard and we need what is our own.

Demonetization might result from better days but the present must also be well taken care of… for we have faced enough trouble.

The government must see the agony of the common people, mostly middle class stuck between the confusion of all sorts. Daily wage earners may survive, higher elites have zero effect, but what will we do?

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Neither can we beg, nor can we continue to waste time and money like this.

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