The Lotos-Eater – Gorkhas of Hills

The Illusion

Stupefied by the worldly fame,
On being labelled as the greatest martial race,
Sadly today struggles to assert its name,
And, in the crowds, seeks to recognise its face

Tagged with a name of mercenary,
So faithfully you served your masters,
Brought resounding victories in battlefields many,
Equanimous in both triumphs and disasters,

Unhesitatingly you crossed the seven seas,
Just at the Crown’s clarion call,
And blew the trumpet of victories,
That sounded many empire’s downfall,

You fought for freedom of mother India,
Serving in the ranks and files of INA,
Joined the mass struggle, under Gandhi’s idea,
On the land, that today, doubts your DNA,

Where is the creduility and valor?
That your masters had seen in your face,
In your prime, you look so senile, robbed of power,
Pining for redemption, fallen from grace,

Your feeble voice has now lost,
In the din of political pandemonium,
The sacrifices of your brave children have come to naught,
As self betrayal, avarice, all have brought you into odium,

You traded your dream and aspiration,
With the new political masters of Kolkata and Delhi,
Gratifying yourselves, unmindful of collective destination,
Made conspicuous by your bulging belly,

Now, you have to stop playing self victim,
You have to rise like Phoenix from ashes,
And restore the pride and self esteem,
That had been lost in history’s pages,

So, awake, arise from deep slumber,
Oh valiant Gorkhas, stop not till your goal is reached,
Walk along the path of virtue, worthy to remember,
Pause not till every soul is freed…

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[Poet: Sakal Ulysses Dewan]

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