‘Issue an Apology or I will be Bound to Take Legal Action’ – Roshni Rai

Due to my hectic travel schedule, I could not reply anything to the article written by Darjeeling Chronicle (DC) till today. I don’t want to reply each and every point raised by DC.

It is true that five runners received an individual cheque of Rs.12000/- in their own names.

Foundation could buy the training shoes worth Rs. 8000/- only & these runners wanted racing shoes worth Rs.12000/- which they got from SP. The cheque is directly deposited into their bank account.

However, in this report, it is mentioned as if I have received the cheque of Rs. 50000/-, which is not true and it is creating doubt amongst the well-wishers of Run with Roshni Foundation. It is defamatory, baseless & derogatory towards the good name of the foundation. This article has become viral and so many readers are questioning me.

I strongly condemn this reporting and demand an apology to me and all my well wishers from DC within 15 days. Otherwise, I will be bound to take a legal action to protect my reputation.


TheDC Editorial Note: The article in question was not written by TheDC platform, instead it is an OPINION PIECE written by one of our contributors – Upendra.

Here is the link to the article in question – http://thedarjeelingchronicle.com/devoid-self-respect-gorkha-social-figures-bringing-shame-to-themselves-and-us/

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