Slaying The Evil !!!

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Poet: Shraddha Rai

Why do you weep, mother dear?
What demon do you fear?

The mountains are dying Said she
all the while crying

But I have walked these paths high and low
And listened to the winds whisper slow

The rocky climb and the cold lone spring
With the bird songs still ring

So why do you weep, mother dear?
What demon do you fear?

A demon cloaked in human skin
One who spares no friend nor kin

Made of mischief, hate and greed
Lies in wait for them to seed

Many souls have fallen here
In the mountain she set to tear

So I sit and weep child of mine
Freedom I have stopped to pine

Tell me more Mother dear!
Of this witch I start to fear

Where does she slumber?
where does she wreck havoc and plunder?

A plain down the hills she takes throne
Her evils in the mountain she has sown

Her cunning like a mist descends
To make us fools of her pretend

A madness has gripped the mountain queen
A darkness I have now foreseen

Alas! Mother, Is there no ray of hope?
For me to cling on to that rope

I shall slay that cunning devil
And free us from her vicious evil

So shed no tear, Mother dear
Soon there will be no demon to fear.

– for my people #Gorkhaland

[Artist: Nima Rumba]

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