TAAR-JEELING: Its Complicated

Darjeeling - its messy

Taar-jeeling, It’s Complicated you know
Overhead wires and pipes abound
garbage and waste completely surround
no water for days on an end
no street lights around the bend,
But… Pahar Hasche
“Pahar Hasche”?
Oh! didn’t you see the spectacular spectacle
they put up to show “we’re cool”?
In their heads, they be cool – rest fool
need to get educated
in “peace and development” school.
Pretending that ‘Aall Iz Well’
but does come naturally to our own
Didn’t you see jugglers and clowns
dance to the rhythm of Nabanna’s sounds?
Look, the hills are smiling indeed,
no wait, they are laughing in-fact
For forgetting our collective pain came easy
with suitcases of money they packed.
For some have become ministers
and some got to ride in VIP cars,
Keeping their souls as deposits
they want to take us far…
Far away into the promised land
where everything is “developed” and at “peace”
everyone will be treated the same there
Fulfilling their master’s wildest wish
To see us all together – living in harmony
Where, we won’t have to worry about our IDENTITY
For we would all have, but one – REFUGEE!!
[Pic: Faiyaz Shafique Ansari showcases the mess that Darjeeling is in today – literally and figuratively]

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