Reflections in the Times of COVID19

It is appalling to reflect how things unfold, causing fear across the globe, petrifying individuals to the core, and making people skeptical of others’ well-being. Things might have turned out to be so in the glare of COVID19; however, the situation was not of this seven months ago. When I think of all these eventualities, nestle in my quarantined space, at home, I look around to find a warm environment: lush green plants, panoramic view of the hills and tea gardens, occasionally a glimpse of the majestic mountains at five in the morning, and the erratic tantrums of the weather―clear in the morning, then the blanket of fog parading over the hills in a stealthy routine followed by spasmodic drizzle. This exquisite being of Nature and my quarantined state cozily bulwark me from the deathly situation out there, but the thought keeps striking a chord, on my mind, of what transpired all this time.

To Quarantine or not to Quarantine – The Anit Binay Conundrum

But, to quarantine or not to, is more of a moral question and not a question of simple enforcement alone. Kolkata is one of the hottest COVID zones in India, so naturally, people should be cautious after travelling to the city. If we are requiring our own brothers and sisters coming from these cities to remain in mandatory quarantine, what exempts Mr. Anit and Mr. Binay? What makes them COVID proof?

Lodhoma Quarantine Facility – Amidst beautiful mountains

A one of a kind quarantine facility has been set up in a football field by the local villagers of Lodhoma, for their residents returning home. The said Quarantine Facility has been temporarily constructed using locally available materials like bamboo and tarpaulins. They have been supported by Rammam Hydel Project, WBSEDCL.