St. Joseph’s College

Inauguration of St Joseph’s College Geographical Society

On 02 September 2019, Department of Geography, St Joseph College inaugurated St Joseph’s College Geographical Society. Major objectives of this society is: to develop the critical thinking skill among the students; to explore the Eastern Himalaya with especial reference to Darjeeling Himalaya in terms of its history, culture, livelihood and physical make up; to organise a field survey with especial reference to disaster studies, spring management and rainwater harvesting in Darjeeling Himalaya.

NB Rai Sir No More

NB Rai sir was the Former Vice-principal, at the St.Josephs’ College. He has also authored the book on Physical Science which has been widely used in schools across the region. All his life, he contributed not only as a teacher, but also as a social worker and provided inspiration to all those who came in contact with him.