The curious case of “Chota Tiger Hill”

What I had learnt is that in order to save a little time on the return journey, some of the tour operators on purpose does not want to reach the the actual view point and apparently park their vehicles haphazardly on the way causing a traffic jam.

NATIONAL TOURISM DAY – Promoting Destination Darjeeling and Sikkim

Darjeeling and Sikkim stand out, not only due to our scenic beauty, but also due to our culture and food, and the safety and security of the tourists. Darjeeling has been rated among the top 5 most secure destinations in the world for single female travellers, making ours the most exciting tourist destination in all of South Asia.

दार्जिलिङ्गे टूरिस्ट

कवि – पंकज शास्त्री हैट् कहा हौ देवकोटा ! हेर्नुहोस्न हामीलाई हामी दार्जिलिङ्गे टूरिस्टहरु । कपालमा जेल लगाएर च्यातिएको प्यान्ट लगाई भोटेको दोकानबाट किनेको जुत्ता…