The Generosity Of Our People Is Simply Unmatched

A very popular page dedicated to chronicling the stories of bikers from across India Behind the Handlebar shared this amazing story from Darjeeling…

“A story I recollect and wanted to share from a long time.

September 2015

Instead of riding from Siliguri to Kalimpong I took the route to Kalimpong via Darjeeling only to get stuck in a traffic jam. Thanks to the upcoming elections in West Bengal due to which more than 1000 vehicles got jammed in the Darjeeling-Kalimpong mountain road leaving me no space to move an inch but luckily I was outside a road side dhaba. I asked for food but everything was finished due to the crowd of elections. Seeing me hungry and with no other option this man and his wife asked me for their homemade food and I was like “Chalega chalega.. kuch bhi chalega”…

I happily feasted on their homemade food which they served me out of their own portion prepared for their dinner.

When I was done I asked about his payment and they said ‘Ghar ka khane ka paisa nahi lete saab… aapka pet bhargaya na?’

The background is the home they stay in, which is made of asbestos sheets. One room home… Mr. And Mrs. BK Rai gave me the finest realization of the fact that those who have less money have more to give.

I slept outside their home in their porch that night in my sleeping bag, waiting for the clock to hit 4 am to start my ride for Gangtok..

Please share this post to share and spread the goodness.”

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It is this awesomely caring nature of our good people, which makes Darjeeling – the World’s Nicest Place… keep it up folks…

Thank you for upholding the “Darjeeling Spirit”!!

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[We are most THANKFUL to our reader Ritesh Rai who informed us about Behind the Handlebar Post]

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  1. proud of you….. hats off

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