Himalaya Darpan “Rasogolla” is Not Our Concern

Writes: Sanjay Sangbo

“Daily newspaper of Darjeeling, Doors, Terai, and Sikkim which we buy at Rs 1 more than the base price of other leading newspaper including English daily.

And the headlines of Darpan is about Kolkata rasogulla, dengue report, extinction of animals, the university at Hooghly, Medinapur, Saltlake.
What does Kolkota rasogulla get with issue and people of Darjeeling?? Is it as important and relevant to have found place on the front page? Is it in sync with the issue, cause and predicament of hill people.

Your report on dengue and animal extinction is fit to have headlined?

Forget the animals if west Bengal government had their way then we the Gorkhas will be on the verge of extinction.

Relevant and political development which is directly proportional to hill people finds mention on the second page. Like Gsss national meet, and congregation programme.

And finally, solicitation follows- advertisements rather hoardings of Modi school, Delhi public school (as if saying Darjeeling hill is not conducive to learning, we have covered the violence of lately).

This is my last copy of Darpan. I have the option of other daily newspaper I guess.

No doubt Darpan is filtered news.

Choudhary Bhaiya is only doing business, not the true journalism.

It’s time to switch the product…”

Note: Views are sole of Mr Sanjay Sangbo

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