Sandakpu – The Valley of Poison, with the Heart that Heals

Sandakpu - a piece of heavenSandakpu in Singhalila National Park is a piece of heaven

Sandakpu – literally means “the valley of poison,” but if you ever get to trek here, you will realize how very healing this gorgeous piece of heaven actually is. Be it fall, winter, spring, summer or monsoon, Sandakpu never fails to mesmerize.

Here are some gorgeous pics clicked by Mr Binod Pradhan, who is an Asst Prof at the South Field College in Darjeeling.

We are hopeful that all of you will enjoy these pics and travel to Sandakpu…. our own little piece of heaven.

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3 Comments on "Sandakpu – The Valley of Poison, with the Heart that Heals"

  1. Sanju Rai Thapa | December 6, 2017 at 5:27 PM | Reply

    Wow,ati sundar.Photography pani dami.Can i travel with my three old daughter.

    • It might be a bit tough to travel with a three year old baby. You can take her up there in Summer, on a Landrover which you can hire from Maneybhanjyang

  2. wow its beautiful and I have seen other photography of Mr. B Pradhan they are amazing

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