Siliguri Times Launches Magazine in Three Different Languages

Siliguri Times Magazine

Siliguri Times has published their monthly magazines in three languages namely in Hindi, Bengali and English.

In this magazine, mainly issues related to Siliguri and North Bengal will be exhibited along with various political topics, fashion, holidays, travel and entertainment will be emphasized. ST Magazine has been published since November 6, 2016. This magazine will be published every month.

Apart from this, ST is an online news portal which publishes news in three languages. In ST, all the news in Hindi, Bengali and English languages gets published immediately and is available to their readers at the earliest convenience.

The ST app can be downloaded from Play Store available on the phone. ST is the first news portal of North Bengal which brings news to readers in three languages. Through the ST, people can easily read reports from the region in three languages.

There are 4 Facebook pages of ST, where you can get the news of events occurring in Siliguri and entire North Bengal. One does not have to wait until the morning to get the daily news, but can read all the news in one click.

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