-23.9% An Act of God ! What does it mean for us ???

In fact, China is the only major economy to have shown a 3.2 percent growth. India has registered the highest contraction among the top-10 economies in the world today. The consequences we see unfolding, one may trace back to the stringent lockdown measures adopted, which forced all manufacturing units to remain shut, while the country’s COVID cases count was merely 500.

Coping During a Pandemic: A Positive Psychology Perspective

We are currently facing the worst pandemic ever, the COVID19. Around late January 2020, we were just getting to know about a certain virus that has hit China, and little did we think it would be knocking our doors too. The World Health Organization announced the outbreak as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020 and declared it as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. Since then numerous countries have reported thousands of cases and deaths and the number still continues to rise.

Reflections in the Times of COVID19

It is appalling to reflect how things unfold, causing fear across the globe, petrifying individuals to the core, and making people skeptical of others’ well-being. Things might have turned out to be so in the glare of COVID19; however, the situation was not of this seven months ago. When I think of all these eventualities, nestle in my quarantined space, at home, I look around to find a warm environment: lush green plants, panoramic view of the hills and tea gardens, occasionally a glimpse of the majestic mountains at five in the morning, and the erratic tantrums of the weather―clear in the morning, then the blanket of fog parading over the hills in a stealthy routine followed by spasmodic drizzle. This exquisite being of Nature and my quarantined state cozily bulwark me from the deathly situation out there, but the thought keeps striking a chord, on my mind, of what transpired all this time.

A Proposal for New Methodology of Online Teaching In Developing and Underdeveloped Nations

In the year of pandemic, 2020, India, a developing nation started having its first cases of infection in the month of February. By March 22nd, there were enough cases for Govt. to call for a lockdown of the nation with the immediate closure of all educational institutes. This led to the start of a new era of a method of teaching in this sphere of the Globe called Online Teaching. This might be a common practice in developed nations like Europe and the US, but it was new for the Indian subcontinent, where there is one of the largest populations of the young generation undergoing their basic education.

Blunder, Blunder, A Biggest Blunder!!!

Allowing tourism in Darjeeling from 1st July, 2020 is a blunder. I understand the plight and hardships the stake stakeholders of tourism industry are facing due to recent COVID19 pandemic crisis. I too am going through this adversity, as I myself am involved in tourism management in Darjeeling and Sikkim since past many years. We are facing extremes pressure to pay loans, EMIs, lease rent to the hotels, salaries to staffs and drivers, renewing and maintaining trade license of hotels, travel agency office, vehicles etc.