Modi, Shahrukh and ZERO

Modi, Shahrukh and Zero

Zero is a heroic tale of a seventh grade fail who makes it to Mars. A 4 feet 2 inches dwarf makes it from Meerut to Mars just to remind us of a tale which was told to us four years back when a ‘Chaiwala became a Prime Minister and started wearing a lakh-and-a-half-rupees coat, erasing Nehru coat with his name and labelling as ‘Modi coat’.

The movie Zero is a sad reminder of the heroic endeavour from a cascade of falling Rome, the ever Romantic Shahrukh this time failed to seduce the public with his romantic scenes, similarly as Modi failed to head to the neck in the recent election.

The only electrocution last forever, magic seems to be lost in a fortnight. Shahrukh now needs to find a good screenplay writer for his dominance in Bollywood, and Modi needs a better dialogue writer.

                                                                   Modi, Shahrukh and Zero

This time the rhetoric melodies and emotional begging would not find a place in our heart.The fat falling of a lady scientist for a dwarf is a nightmare, which each one of us wants to forget soon, similarly the man with only promises and no intent, like Modi, we do not want to see in our Darjeeling hills.

[Writes: Chandan Pariyar]

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