Rampant Mining at Torsa River – Disaster Awaits Dooars

Mining at Torsa RiverTorsa River

The Torsa River is the lifeline of adjoining forest areas such as The Chilapata, Jaldapara and the Titi range.

Recently, sand collection from the River bed has reached enormously high levels. As a result, gravels and boulders are piling up. I noticed last week that The Torsa basin has risen up.

Underground seepage has started, which is a great threat to the safety of the River basin. The River might change its course and destroy adjacent villages in recent future.

In this regard, it is not unworthy to mention, that about 165 years ago, the River Teesta also changed it’s course and killed thousands of innocent people overnight.

Mining at Torsa River

It is a natural phenomenon. When Catchment is uphill gets depleted or polluted, It is natural that the River will look for an alternative catchment area which can support the network of any individual River system.

The Torsa river is facing the same problems. Its catchment area is also getting polluted. Subsurface flow happens only when the water can’t flow over the river bed or over the surface.

In order to maintain the river gradient, such a phenomenon { subsurface flow or underground seepage } occurs along the river channel. The next action naturally happens to be, an entirely different course of the river, which will flow through an entirely new route.

If that happens, millions of people will suffer the consequences. For now, I appeal to all the responsible authorities to STOP all digging and transport activities in Torsa basin and related tributaries like Pagli, Hollong and Michku rivers.

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Immediate action is to be taken regarding heavy transport vehicles. Air horns must be banned because it seriously affects local wildlife.

Mining at Torsa River

No transport activity shall be conducted after dark along NH 37 C and connected roadways. Protection Of environment must be taken seriously.

Making posters and conducting seminars isn’t going to help the cause. We shouldn’t use Headlines like “Save the Tigers”; instead We should say ” Let the Tigers Live in Wild ”

Writes: Sudeep Ray

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