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Why ‘Silence the Self’: Let’s Talk About our PMS & PMDD

The understanding of PMS and PMDD has only been limited to as being an inevitable and ever so common phenomenon amongst women, where they become “overtly emotional and unreasonable” and are considered ‘nothing’ more than a hormonal change before her menstruation. Well, that’s how we have limited any discussions over it altogether.

Time to Make “Universal Public Health a Fundamental Right” – Addressing Faultlines in Public Health Services

The COVID19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerability in our Public Health System. It has opened our eyes to the importance and needs of a robust Public Health Service in our country. At present Multiple fault lines along with a plethora of Laws, that have no clear cut demarcation as to who shall, in times of such exigencies, exercise real authority, exist. This has lead to a weakened and fragmented approach in dealing with the crisis.

Maasika Mahotsav 2019: Sustainable Menstruation, Need of the hour

Menstruation is an important biological change which makes the existence of life possible, yet the culture of silence around menstruation is so complete that most of the girls have no knowledge on menstruation before their first period. The social stigma and societal silence has a negative impact on the health, reinforces gender inequality and makes it difficult to address menstrual health issues. Through the Maasika Mahotsov, 21 to 28 May 2019 we aim to break the silence around periods and get conversing at various platforms.