Siliguri Nursing Home Fleece Hill People

Siliguri nursing home fleecing hill people

“I am writing today, to highlight the issue of how lack of proper medical facilities and trained doctors in the hills is causing hill residents to suffer at the hands of unscrupulous doctors and nursing homes in Siliguri.

I had heard tales of horrors from others before, but I had assumed they got fleeced because they didn’t know any better. This was until, I decided to go for a check-up myself. I had gone to Vinayak Nursing Home to to see Dr Tomar for heart-check up. I was shocked when without even putting a stethoscope on me, he asked me to go for CT Coronary Angiogram from a particular diagnostic center, which later turned out would cost me Rs 16000.

Siliguri nursing home fleecing hill people

What shocked me the most was that, he recommended it without any check up and food precaution, I have no idea how he wrote such a test.

What shocked me further was his fees for two minutes consultation was Rs 900 – Rs 100 registration, and Rs 800 consultation fees.

This is a problem not just faced by me, but it can happen to all of us from the hills, for he asked where I am from and I think he was inspired to write the expensive test, after I told him, I am from Darjeeling.

I hope that authorities take a note of this practice, because I am not aware of any doctors in India, who charge Rs 800 consultation fees for 2 minutes of doing nothing and prescribing a test without even putting a stethoscope on the patient.

More importantly, the hill people need to come together and protest against this apathetic state of health-care in the hills, where we have to go to Siliguri for even the simplest of check-ups.”

Siliguri nursing home fleecing hill people


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We tried to reach out to Dr. Nayak Nursing Home for comments, but couldn’t do so.

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  1. I paid above a lakh for a ceaser surgery of my wife.

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