Monsoon Blues

As 13 of us from St. Philos were dancing under the storming rain in the Khasi hills of Cherrapunji highest rainfall with the precipitation 26411mm…

Shanti Rai – The First Female Rafting and Rescuing Expert From Darjeeling

At the age of 16 she swam across the raging torrents of river Teesta, today Ms. Shanti Rai is a Rafting and Rescue expert, avid nature lover and a deeply passionate social worker. While our community is indeed very progressive, there are still many a fields that are viewed as being the sole domain of men, exploding into one such field was Shanti Rai – the first female Rafting and Rescue expert from our community, and perhaps in the country too.

Bipul Chettri’s Teesta – Quintessential Call to the Roots

My younger brother who also stays in another city shared the link of Bipul Chettri’s “Teesta” with me stating “tero buhari le pathako – your younger sister-in-law shared”. As soon as I heard the song, I in my imagination, rushed back home, to a place where my brother and I share the same meal of Gundruk and Bhaat in the evening where pine trees in the hills of Delo or Tigerhill sway to the winds of Chaita.


तर्कमान – Tarkaman: आज लगभग पाँच-छ बर्षपछी विशेष अवसरमा केवेन्टियर्स पस्दैछु। म अनि मेरो लङ्गुटिया मित्र प्रकाश लाई भेट्न हामी सितै कलेज पढेको अतिप्रीय मित्र…