Teesta Rangeet Rescue Volunteers Get Specialised International Training

Teesta Rangeet Rescue

The Teesta Rangeet Rescue Centre (TRRC) volunteers have been playing an important role in rescuing those who face crisis in the Teesta river. In the lack of proper Civil Defence, and other government Rescue Organisations, TRRC has emerged as one of the most important bodies that has been providing rescuing people during natural disasters in the region.

Appreciating their efforts, Kalimpong SP Aparajita Rai, who is herself a daughter of the hills of Sikkim, sponsored a threee day training program conducted by the International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA), for them. ITRA is a USA based non-profit association, established by technical rescue practitioners for technical rescue practitioners. They provide global recognition of technical rescue practitioners including instructors.

Volunteers training hard

The course, Swiftwater Responder Course is a highly sought-after course by life-savers across the world. The course comprises of various modules that train rescuers in various avenues of rescuing people from a fast flowing river. Please note that, we don’t have any such courses in our region, and the Teesta Rangeet Rescue Centre volunteers are probably the first trained rescuers from Darjeeling-Sikkim region.

Teesta Rescue Volunteers

The training was undertaken in Marsyangdi River in Nepal, under the trainer Vishnu Gurung, an international expert in Swiftwater Resuce and Response.

Swiftwater Training Specialist Vishnu Gurung

From our region, three individuals had been selected Sajan Dukpa, Sagar Basor, and Sangdup Sherpa. The trainees were taught various techniques related to rescuing people from the river, use of various boats and equipments, and technical knowledge for planning and conducting resuce operations in the river.

Corresponding with TheDC, Ms. Shanti Rai of the TRRC said, “I am so thankful to SP Aparajita Madam, who recognized the work we were doing, and the need for training. Without her personal initiative and help, we would have not been aware of such useful course.”

Teesta Rangeet Rescue Volunteers with Kalimpong SP Aparajita Rai

“I am so grateful to the instructor Vishnu Gurung ji who himself spent hours in the river to train our volunteers. While many others may have felt more comfortable teaching from the sidelines, Vishnu Sir was so hands-on. It was great to see an expert imparting their knowledge in such a practical manner” Shanti added.

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It might be reminded that volunteers from the Teesta Rangeet Rescue Centre played a vital role in rescuing people during the recent Teesta Flashfloods, and any support to them is a support to humanity.

Volunteers training hard

We thank SP Kalimpong Aparajita Ma’am, and thank her for taking the personal initiative to help our brave rescuers. We hope other government officials too take an inspiration from your dedication in ensuring a better Kalimpong and Darjeeling region.

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  1. ashish bhandari | December 14, 2023 at 6:56 PM | Reply

    Hats off to Sushri Aparajita Rai IPS,such acts are so helpful,life saving and required than exhibitionist marathons and band meets. 🙏👍👏

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