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His Name is Dharmendra Singh, and He is Not a Nepali

A statement issued by Varanasi police says that the person whose head was tonsured lives in a govt quarter of the Water Resource department in Bhelpur in Varanasi. Both his parents used to work in the department, and now his brother is an employee of the department. The police also state that his family and his forefathers had no connection with Nepal.

Representation of the Nepali Language on Axone: Unauthentic and Disrespectful?

At a time when the people of Northeast India are facing the brunt of anti-Chinese sentiments in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic, the movie Axone comes as a breath of fresh air. This satire on racism and stereotypes by Northeastern director, Nicholas Kharkongor premiered on Netflix on the 12th of June 2020 and it generated quite a buzz! On the morning of the 12th June, my Instagram story feed flooded with posters of the movie, comments on the aptness of the movie at this point of time and snapshots of the racist comments from the movie – unfortunately ones, we as an ethnic minority, are well acquainted with. I will admit, I was equally excited for this premiere. My friends and I had been awaiting it since the beginning of the year. We even went as far as to coax our Naga friends to bring Axone for us.

Why Nepalis are offended with “Just a Dialogue” in Amazon’s new series Paatal Lok

Feature cops, underworld, a mysterious Guruji aka Masterji, use “high-profile” in dialogues, let a prominent character cheat on his wife, get the hero-cop suspended in the mid of the investigation, and there you have it, “just another great Indian procedural drama.” But that would be the kind of great that people relish and forget. Say Sacred Games. So, why not make it unforgettable aka a “classic?” Sprinkle a bit, nay, a lot of controversies, and there you have it- “just another great Indian procedural drama” raking high ratings, thanks to baffling dialogues such as “Nepali Randi.”

India Nepal Border Dispute – A Brief Historical Background

Video shared by Prem Thapa where a noted Nepali historian Professor Ramesh Kumar Dhungel explains the basis of historical Nepali claims. He makes maps produced till 1856 as the basis for Nepalese claims. And implies that India made changes which earlier Nepali administrations did not challenge. What he does not mention, for reasons best know to him, is that 1879 map of British India corresponds to present boundary.

DISCRIMINATION: Nepali Language Still Not Included as an Optional Paper in WBCS Mains

This shows absolute lack of empathy by TMC Govt towards over 25 Lakh Gorkhas who live in West Bengal and whose lingua franca is Nepali. The discrimination against Gorkhas is apparent for everyone to see. This absolute indifference on the part of West Bengal government exposes their intent and discriminatory policy towards the Gorkhas, and thus justifies the demand for a separate state of Gorkhaland.