काठको पो होला?

अरुलाई भुप्रोमा हालेर
आफु चै सुटक्कै भुमिसंगै,
आफ्नो आत्मा सम्मान पनि बेचेर खाने
हे हाम्रा भुमिपुत्र!
जनता चै काठको पो होला?

Portrait of an Artist: Benoy Rai

Benoy Rai, a Darjeeling based musician, has recently released his new solo album “Can’t Lose the Blues”. A hardcore music enthusiast, and a seasoned artist, Benoy has been a part of the music revolution in Darjeeling that saw the rise of Band Culture.

Darjeeling – The Gorgeous Land

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Portrait of an Artist: Yawan Lepcha

After years of struggle in my musical journey I finally came up with my debut EP “Dream Sequence”. Before this, I used to play with the bands like “Aagyat” “Ground Zero” “Tribal Rain” “Corpulent Deformity”