TheDC Story Series “हाम्रा कथाहरु” Episode 2: आठौँ रंगको लाछा

TheDC Story Series – “हाम्रा कथाहरुआठौँ रंगको लाछा by Komal Subba

TheDC Story Series “हाम्रा कथाहरु Episode 2 – As we had informed earlier, we have tied up with RJ Samir – Samir Gideon Ghimire, to bring to you 12 Nepali stories – 1 story a month, in audio-pictorial format under our series हाम्रा कथाहरु . We are doing this to make our Nepali literature more popular among younger generations, and also among those who may never have read a Nepali story before.

This month, we are sharing a story “आठौँ रंगको लाछा” by an up and coming story teller Komal Subba. Its a fascinating story, that will keep you hooked by the power of its mesmerizing description of the world seen through the eyes of a young girl.

Instead of just focusing on previously published stories, we have decided to accept stories from our readers. The best story every month will be given a voice over by RJ Samir and we will turn it into an audio visual format.

If you have it in you to write a story in Nepali, please do send us your entries.

You can write-in comments below, or inbox us a message. Or You can email us the same at: or

You can reach out to RJ Samir via WhatsApp or Call at: 891834 3658

We THANK our contributors – Roland J Lulam Rai, Nehal Rai, Satyam Raj Mukhia, and Rahul Lama for sending us the footage we have used to complete this story.

We know we could have done a much better job, but this is a learning experience for all of us, and we are working towards perfecting the visual narratives to go in tune with the stories.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Smriti Rai – the Head of The Department, St. Joseph’s College, Mass Comm and Journalism for all her help and support.

Our EDITOR – Bishan Rai is a hero in his own right, to have brought together this story so beautifully, despite having very limited footage at hand.

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