“No one can defeat us if we are united” – Bimal Gurung

“Peace in the hills today is akin to the peace of the graveyard. In fact corruption, intimidation, threats, curtailing of democratic and constitutional rights and making a mockery of the judicial system has increased in Darjeeling than in rest of the state. What has developed in Darjeeling is the suppression and oppression of peoples’ sentiments,” Gurung alleged.

Bimal Roshan Get Four Days to File for Anticipatory Bail

The Supreme Court also instructed Calcutta High Court not to refer the matter to session courts where the cases have been filed, and instead instructed Calcutta HC to expedite hearing into the case and pass interim order as it sees fit, provided the petitioners file the appeal within the next four days.

It’s ‘Gorkha pride’ vs ‘Development’ in Darjeeling

“People here are looking for a permanent political solution in the highest form of constitutional autonomy. They will vote in favour of BJP as it has always tried to accommodate the Gorkha aspirations in its political manifesto while the Bengal government has clearly stated that they oppose the idea of Gorkhaland,” he said.

“लथालिङ्गै अस्तव्यस्त” – Gorkhaland The Mess

१०५ दिन सम्म जरा, घाँस-पात खाएर । बिरामी हुँदा घोड्ताप्रे पिसेर, ओखतीको जरा कुटेर आन्दोलन गरि गोर्खाल्यान्डको आवाज विश्वव्यापी बनाइरहेको बेला बंगालले हाम्रो उर्जावान १३ जना गोर्खे भाई-बन्धु माथि बारुदको क्याप्सुल फ्याक्ने राज्य सरकारको कन्स्पिरेसीमा छ्याप्प फस्ने लुइतामे नेताहरुको विश्वास कसोगरी गरुँ भन त? अब त चाहेर पनि तिमी गोर्खाको चिन्हारी हेतु बोल्न सक्दैनौँ।
अनि कसरी विश्वास गरुँ राई बाजे तिमीलाई?

Brave Heart Dipen Tamang Martyred in Kashmir

The eldest son of Doma and Jagat Singh Tamang, Dipen was a resident of Chambi village under Sitong-1 of Kurseong, his in-laws are from Latpanchar. He did his schooling from Panchvati Shelpu High School. He leaves behind a young wife and a baby son.

Sikkim, Darjeeling and Development

The youths and future of Darjeeling sadly stands in “Nali” and “Jhora,” not in building libraries for the children. Darjeeling stands here in “Ego” and “Clashes” not in Unification. Darjeeling stands here in “jobs for party flag bearer” not in conducting examination and competition for the jobs. Darjeeling stands for “ek bottle rakshi and masu vaat” not in making the people fully sustainable, and trained and equipped to earn. All this limitation and gaps exist because of the absence of Temple and the priests in our Darjeeling.