Let Gorkhaland Come Into Existence

Writes: Neel Preet*

Gorkhaland, the demand for this new state has now gained much attention in the National Politics of India. And if one turns around the Pages of History and looks deep into the Politics of Bengal, it becomes clearly evident that the demand for a Separate Administrative Unit in Darjeeling has existed since 1907, when the Hillmen’s Association of Darjeeling submitted a Memorandum to Minto-Morley Reforms demanding a separate administrative setup.

In the 1980’s, Subhas Ghisingh raised the demand for the creation of a State, called Gorkhaland within India to be carved out of the Hills of Darjeeling and areas of Dooars and Siliguri terai contiguous to Darjeeling. The demand took a violent turn, which leads to the death of over 1,200 people. This movement culminated with the formation of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC) in 1988. The DGHC administrated the Darjeeling hills for 23 years with some degree of autonomy.

Reasons for the Existence of Gorkhaland:

  • For the identity and prosperity of the Gorkhas and the Hilly Regions through a separate administration.
  • In order to bring the Gorkhas along with the mainstream and for a Better Administration of the Hilly Regions, which unfortunately the Gorkhas had lacked since ever under the poor administration of Bengal.
  • The State Government of Bengal had been too incapable to listen to the voice of the Gorkhas and fulfil the demands of the people in that region.
  • For the Hilly Regions to get protected from the illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants, which all the Governments of Bengal had failed to control and curb down.
  • The Bengal Government, be it be the Poor Governance of Mamta or the Anti-Development Government of the Lefts, had never actually understood the requirements of the Gorkhas and had hardly cared to acknowledge the issues of the region.
  • For all the unattended issues of the Hilly Regions to get appropriate attention in the Center through a systematic channel from an independent administration, which only a separate establishment could provide.
    As a separate establishment would lead towards the real development of Trade and Commerce, along with the promotion of Micro Industries in the region which would encourage the entrepreneurial skills among the Gorkhas.
  • For the proper attention towards the issue of growth in the production and cultivation of the Tea Leaves in the Hilly Regions of Darjeeling.
  • So that landscape of the region to get special attention and necessary steps could be taken the preservation of the forest and the ecosystem of the Hilly Region.
  • For the Eastern Part of India to develop and make their contribution in the growth of the country.
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*Neel Preet is the Author of the Book – VOICE FROM THE EAST • Columnist | Literary Editor | Writer • Sub-Editor at Sanchar Times Media Group & Member of INDIAN AUTHORS ASSOCIATION

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