Meghalaya IAS Officer Walks 10km to Market Inspires Internet

Meghalaya IAS Officer Ram Singh

A Meghalaya IAS officer is leading by example in his quest to inspire people towards a cleaner, greener and healthier lifestyle. Ram Singh, the deputy commissioner of West Garo Hills, walks 10 kilometres every week to buy organic vegetables from local markets. His initiative to avoid plastics, reduce vehicular pollution and walk towards fitness has inspired many, including other officers.

On Saturday, a picture shared by Ram Singh on Facebook went viral. The pic shows him buying vegetables from a local market near Tura, a traditional bamboo basket slung over his shoulder.

“21kgs of weekend organic Vegetable shopping, No plastic, no vehicular pollution, no traffic jam, Fit India, Fit Meghalaya, Eat Organic, Clean & Green Tura, POSHAN, 10km morning walk..” wrote Mr Singh while sharing the picture.

His Facebook post has collected over 2,000 ‘likes’ and dozens of comments, with many praising his dedication towards going green.

Meanwhile, another Facebook post applauding his initiative has also collected a number of appreciative comments.

Meghalaya IAS Officer Ram Singh

“This is the new face of Indian Bureaucracy. I am inspired,” wrote Robert G Lyngdoh on Facebook, sharing two pictures of Mr Singh.

“His humility and dedication to the work and the people is truly an inspiration,” wrote one person in the comments section. “Inspiring. Simple living and high thinking,” said another.

Speaking to EastMojo, Mr Singh said that he started walking to the market to inspire people complaining about traffic in Tura.

“Many complained that it was difficult to walk carrying loads of vegetables. I had suggested them to carry ‘Kokcheng’ (a local bamboo basket) which would even help fight the plastic menace. But they just laughed it off,” he said. “So my wife and I headed to the market carrying the bamboo basket which I found it to be very helpful in many ways. Many of the youths these days aren’t fit and fine. I feel that they should start walking and control their diet.”

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“I have been doing this for the past six months,” Mr Singh added to the New Indian Express. “I feel modern challenges need traditional solutions. If we go by traditional ways, we can stay fit.”

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