Hope Home Welfare Society Old Age Home, Rohini – Where Humanity Is Still Alive

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Everyone is busy in this world. Trying to achieve good position in a society to enjoy luxurious life.Some are taking care of their own families and living a life which we call a NORMAL life.

Who cares for the old people who have no one?

Who cares for the old sick people?

Who cares for the one who are deaf and dumb?

Students accompanied by faculty from the Department of Sociology, Ghoom Jorebunglow College headed out to ascertain where the old, needy people are kept and looked after in Darjeeling.

They found Hope Home Welfare Society Old Age Home which is situated in a small village in Rohini, Kothidara, run by President and a founder Usha Kant Tamang (Rai). They have been taking care of 19 old aged people who have no one, no home, who are suffering from illness, who can’t speak or listen.

Yes humanity is still alive.

What was so astounding to se,e was without any governmental aid or support from any political parties, the old age home has been running successfully. It is only because of the contribution of people who take out time even in their busy schedules to come and meet them.

The lady who looks after these old people tells proudly that God has given her a big opportunity and she utters happily that she is lucky to have got this work.

I say humanity is still alive.

To give the needy old people a home to live, food to eat and clothes to wear, it’s not so easy you see?

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The good work should reach larger audience.

Let everyone know that there is a place in Darjeeling where Humanity is still alive.

[Writes: Priyanka Tamang Lama]


TheDC Editorial Note: Students and teachers from GJ Degree College who visited the Old Age Home donated food-items and spent the whole day with the inhabitants there. We have been informed that the faculty will be collecting further donations to assist the old age home. This is what “Darjeeling Spirit” is all about – taking time to spend with those who are less fortunate than us, and continuing to care.


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  1. Hi we are ready to do something for this care home

  2. Great job!!! Proud of you guys.

  3. Please let me know how to contact Hope Home Welfare Society Old Age Home, Rohini

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