Sajano Ghotona? Bengal Tops Domestic Violence and Trafficking Charts

Tragedy on the rise

Perhaps it is the reflections of times we live in, and also the administrative apathy towards women in general, Bengal topped the list of cases of domestic violence against women and trafficking of girls in 2016, data released by the National Crime Records Bureau has revealed.

Indeed, leading from the front in this ignominious race to the bottom, Bengal is ranked second only to Uttar Pradesh in the total number of crimes against women reported last year. Uttar Pradesh reported 14.5 per cent (49,262) of the total cases followed by Bengal, which reported 9.6 per cent (32,513) of the cases.

According to the NCRB figures, which were released on Thursday by Union home minister Rajnath Singh, Bengal had witnessed 3,579 cases of human trafficking, sharing nearly 44 per cent of the total cases (8,132).

In terms of incidents of cruelty by a husband or his relatives, Bengal reported maximum number of cases at 19,302, followed by Rajasthan (13,811) and Uttar Pradesh (11,156).

In a state, where the Chief Minister herself termed rape of a woman by TMC party cadres as “sajano ghotona – staged event,” can women really ever hope to get justice?

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