A Welcome Step: Historic Alliance of GJM and GNLF in Darjeeling Hills

We have to realize the fact that the long cherished dream to statehood or 6th schedule can only be achieved through a political settlement with the central government. This brings us to the conclusion that it is only the Center that has the power to get this done, and it would be a blunder not to support an alliance that is making an attempt to do just that.

Decoding The GJMM-GNLF Alliance

When we vote, we will be voting to win back our agency, our rights as citizens of India, our right to political dissent, our right to make constitutional demands, our right to fair trail, our right to the internet, our right over our natural resources, our right to hold protest marches, right to assemble, and our right to determine our own fate under the Indian Constitution.

Subash Ghising’s “पार्टी भन्दा जाति ठुलो, जाति भन्दा माटो” Philosophy Guided Unity – says Ajay Edwards, GNLF

“For the past one year, the Gorkha National Liberation Front has undertaken intensive introspection on the current status of our community, and the bleak future facing us. In all of our deliberations, we have been guided by a single political philosophy पार्टी भन्दा जाति ठुलो, जाति भन्दा माटो – put forward by our founder and our guiding light Shri. Subash Ghising. For GNLF the interests of our land and its people have always remained paramount.”

गोर्खाल्याण्ड अान्दोलन २०१७:अान्दोलन देखि नेतृत्व प्रतियोगिता सम्म

लेखक: दिनेश शर्मा अनुवाद: सुदर्शन लिम्बु २०१७ को दार्जिलिङ अान्दोलन धेरै दृष्टिकोणमा चक्षु उन्मीलक(अाँखा खोल्ने) एउटा घटना भएको छ। अान्दोलन क्रमको १०४ दिनको बन्दले समेत…