Sikkim University

Sikkim, Darjeeling and Development

The youths and future of Darjeeling sadly stands in “Nali” and “Jhora,” not in building libraries for the children. Darjeeling stands here in “Ego” and “Clashes” not in Unification. Darjeeling stands here in “jobs for party flag bearer” not in conducting examination and competition for the jobs. Darjeeling stands for “ek bottle rakshi and masu vaat” not in making the people fully sustainable, and trained and equipped to earn. All this limitation and gaps exist because of the absence of Temple and the priests in our Darjeeling.

But, You Madam! Are a Hypocrite

Recently, as JNU was bring rocked with a case of sexual harassment against Prof. Atul Johri, another surfaced. This one hit close to home, and…